The world of medicine is constantly evolving and MedAnalytic Systems incorporate our expertise and empowers physicians to make better decisions in selecting and implementing a full range of Practice Management services.


Practice Affiliation Management:

MedAnalytic Systems will acquire the non-medical assets of practices and enter into a long term Management Services Agreements while providing a comprehensive array of health care services.

The Company has identified three key areas in building a successful Physician Practice Management Company. Our practice Affiliations; Strategic Integration and Operations. To achieve success in each are, the Company intends to: (i) affiliate with high quality physicians in markets where it can have a positive impact on their practices; (ii) strategically integrate its Managed Practices and other key assets within a local market (“Hub and Spoke”) to develop economies of scale, market leadership and managed care opportunities; and (iii) focus on improving the overall performance of the practice by implementing various programs and strategies to increase profitability and enhance the productivity and efficiency of the physicians and the practice staff.

Practice Affiliations/ Strategic Integration:

The Company intends to expand its practice management operations into additional markets throughout the United States by consummation “Practice Affiliations” with existing practices that have met the Company’s stringent affiliation standards. A “Practice Affiliation “ will typically include the following components: (i) an acquisition by the Company of the non-medical assets of a practice, in addition to any ASCs that are either owned by or affiliated with the practice; (ii) the Company entering into a Management Services Agreement with the practice pursuant to which the Company will provide the practice with comprehensive business and administrative services in return for a management fee; (iii) the practice entering into employment agreements with each of the physicians currently employed by the practice; and (iv) subject to applicable state and federal law, the Company retaining substantially all non-physician personnel of the practice to permit the Company to assume the practice’s administrative, financial and general management functions. The management fee payable to the Company pursuant to the Management Services Agreement will typically vary depending upon particular state laws and regulations.

In structuring Practice Affiliations, the Company intends to pay for such affiliations by using a combination of cash, debt and equity. The consideration paid to each practice will vary depending on several factors, some include the historical operating results and future prospects of the practice. To maximize the impact of its operating strategies on Managed Practices, the Company intends to integrate practices within local markets throughout the United States. This “Hub and Spoke” strategy involves affiliating with key practices in a local market to enable the Company to provide comprehensive geographic coverage throughout the entire market. Because health care is delivered on a local level rather than a nationally, the Company believes that a scattered acquisition approach is not as effective as a focused effort on building a hub and spoke in local markets throughout the country. By strategically positioning multiple practices within a local market, the Company believes that the benefits to economies of scale and market leadership can be quickly realized.

The Company believes that it is important to affiliate only with practices meeting the Company’s strategic profile to ensure that its operational strategies will have the optimal impact.

In analyzing a potential Practice Affiliation, the Company researches the local market, the practice and the physicians. First, the Company believes that careful research of a market is important because each local market is unique and offers different opportunities. Health care is delivered on a local basis; accordingly it is driven by local market conditions. Methodologies that work in one local market may not work in another. The Company carefully analyzes markets to determine the specific strategies that will impact each market. By conducting these analyses and selectively targeting markets, which offer the greatest opportunities for practice growth and development, the company intends to similarly maximize its growth.

Second, the Company carefully analyzes a practice to determine if a relationship would be beneficial to both parties. As a builder and integrator of practices and not just a consolidator, the Company looks for Practices that will benefit from the Company’s operational expertise and growth strategies. Strategic location and growth potential are important factors, as well as a willingness to embrace change. The Company identifies practices that clearly understand that the ingredients for success are rapidly changing in today’s evolving health care environment. These types of practices that need management expertise, integrated information systems and access to capital are an integral component of achieving future success.

The third factor in the Company’s analysis is the most critical- the physician. Therefore, in addition to analyzing the financial effect of a potential Practice Affiliation, the Company carefully assesses qualitative attributes of its prospective physician-partners. The Company looks for physician-partners who are committed to high quality patient care. Surgical skills, work ethic and a commitment to team work are also important criteria to the Company. The Company believes that the key to the success of any medical organization centers on the physician-patient relationship and, ultimately, patient satisfaction. Accordingly, the personal characteristics and professional abilities of a physician play a key role in the success of any Managed Practices and ultimately, the Company.